Colours is my most recent solo album that came out on K records in 2013.

Colours was pieced together over the course of a year, in many different locations, including grange halls and churches, a cabin in northern Sweden, friends' houses, and our home studio-trailer on Whidbey Island.

This page is kind of like liner notes for the album, including more information about each song. There are some pictures as well.

"March of the Conch"

Basic Tracks recorded at Lance and Shellie's House
Euphonium overdubbed at the Little House

Alto Recorder
Soprano Recorder
Euphonium - Bill Kautz

"Why Are You So Helpless?"
I dreamt this song while I was sleeping in the little shed behind my dad's house in northern Sweden.
I dreamt that I was in a record store and a John Lennon song came on. It was a seventies "super group" album, like the Band or CSNY or something like that. When I woke up I was anxious to capture the song and recorded it on the phone with singing and an a acoustic guitar I had in the room.

Recorded at: the Whidbey Institute (piano), the trailer (drums), Bayview Hall (organ), and the Little House (everything else)

Piano - Ashley Eriksson
Drums - Ashley Eriksson
Electric Bass - Ashley Eriksson
Vocal guests - Nicole Ledgerwood, Eli Moore, and Andrew Dorsett
Electric Guitar - Ashley Eriksson, Eli Moore
Acoustic Guitar - Andrew Dorsett, Eli Moore
Organ - Ashley Eriksson

"West of the Mountain"
Keyboard drum machine and pads
Bass Drum
Cardboard Box
Electric Bass
Tambourine - Andrew Dorsett

This song is about my mom and her sister and how they talk on the phone with eachother all the time. It's also about a loving relationship with a partner or best friend in general.

I tried re-recording this song for the album but ended up going back to the original demo because it had a better feel. It's really short!

Recorded at: The Little House (piano, singing, mandolin, euphonium), and the trailer (electric bass and drums)

Euphonium - Bill Kautz
This is a cover of a Ted Gärdestad song done in the style of Harry Nilsson's "Me and My Arrow".

Recorded at the trailer and the Little House

Keyboard Dual Organs
Recorded at the trailer (electric guitar, drums), Peggy and Marty's House (piano), the Trinity Lutheran Church basketball court (background vocals), the Unknown (vibraphone), and the Little House (main vocals, bass, and keyboards)

background vocal guest - Nicole Ledgerwood


I wrote this song on our honeymoon while we were staying at our friend's family cabin in Conway, Washington. It's about getting distracted from writing by things going wrong around the house.

Recorded at the Whidbey Children's Theater (piano), basketball court at Trinity Lutheran Church in Freeland (background vocals), the Unknown (vibraphone), the trailer (main vox), and the Little House (melodica and percussion)

background vocals - Eli Moore, Nicole Ledgerwood

"Bury the House"

Recorded at the Little House (piano and vocals) and the trailer (vocals and everything else)

Keyboard drum machine and organ
Knocking sound on an acoustic guitar

"Mother Nature's Promise"

This is actually my original demo of this song that I recorded at the Department of Safety while it was still around. I set up a little bedroom for a few days in the gallery with Eli's cassette 8-track, Mark's yellow Yamaha keyboard and some percussion. It was my favorite thing I made while I stayed there. I added some new tracks and gave the old recording a new haircut, so to speak.

Old Tracks from the D.O.S. :
Giraffe percussion thing from Kenya

New Tracks from the Little House:
More Vocals
Glass tapping

This is an old song that I made when I was trying to quit smoking four or five years ago. I did quit smoking, by the way.

Recorded at the Whidbey Children's Theater (piano), the Unknown (vibraphone), the Bayview Hall (organ), Kristi and Keith's House, and the Little House (everything else)

Delay Pedal
Euphonium - Bill Kautz
Upright Bass - Kristi O'Donnell

"Humming in the Dark"

This song was recorded at the same time and with the same set-up as March of the Conch.

I wrote it about a walk we went on in the dark in the woods when it was actually so dark that we startled a dear right in front of us. It is also about making yourself known to the unknown creatures in your environment and letting them know that you are harmless.

Recorded at Lance and Shellie's House (piano and recorders) and the Little House (vocals and snaps)

Recorders (Alto and Soprano)
Finger snaps

"Organ Magic"

This is an old recording I had of a keyboard melody and percussion that I added more epic-sounding instruments to. It is reminiscent of a tape I love called "Organ Magic" that Eli found at a thrift store.

Recorded at the Little House (keyboard and original percussion), Peggy and Marty's House (piano), the Bayview Hall (drums), and Kristi and Keith's House (upright bass)

Upright Bass - Kristi O'Donnell

"In the Stubborn Eyes of a Demon"

Recorded at The Whidbey Institute (piano), the trailer (drums, singing, and bass), the Little House (keyboard)

Here I am, excited to embark on a recording journey with our newly purchased recording machine. This picture reminds me of the sort of picture you take in front of the car or the house when you're about to leave on a long trip.



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